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After The Millennials is an alternative rock band fronted by sister and brother twins Naomi and Nate Crandall.  Their songs are raw, honest, thoughtful, and emotionally provocative. Their songs resinate with all age groups as their songwriting lyrically is well beyond their years. 

 Their love for music began at a very early age. Their home was filled with instruments and music where their father and older twin brother and sister (Seth and Sarah) also played. Naomi’s focus is acoustic guitar, vocals, and song writing. Nate’s focus is on percussion, piano, vocal harmonies, and writing. 

They began performing at the early age of 10, taking the stage with their father and his band to perform a few songs. They then graduated to writing their own originals and playing small sets during their breaks.  Now they are ready to blaze their own trail as they cut their teeth recording their first album under the Achordance Record label.

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