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Tim McGovern moved to New York City in 1970 as a drummer and within 6 months, he signed with The Velvert Turner Group to a new label run by Michael Lang, the promoter and producer of Woodstock. Paired with legendary record producer Tom Wilson, the band was flown out to Los Angeles to record. After a disastrous debut at the Whiskey in 1971, Tim was asked by both Arthur Lee and Randy California to play drums. He was featured on Randy’s solo LP on Epic Records titled Kaptain Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly  Birds and played drums with Arthur Lee and Love. Two years later Tim became the drummer for The Space Rangers on Mercury Records, opening for KISS. After that band’s dissolution Tim decided he would switch to guitar and formed a funk/metal band called Straitjacket which caught the ear of Chaka Khan who gave him her guitar and helped get them into the Starwood, singing a couple numbers at their debut. In attendance was a young Eddie Van Halen who asked if Tim and co would play with them in their debut at the Starwood. The following year Tim joined an unsigned band called The Pop where he started as a stand-in drummer and later showcased his skill with a guitar. They began working with other bands such as The Motels and The Dogs, and in 1980, he became lead guitarist for The Motels. By 1982, McGovern decided to strike off on his own and formed Burning Sensations, a band that would go on to become renowned for it’s rock and calypso fusion hit, “Belly of the Whale”. Burning sensation put out their first EP in 1983, followed by their self-titled LP, and finally in 1984 they covered Jonathan Richmans “Pablo Picasso” which can be found in the classic movie Repo Man. McGovern now resides in the Pacific Northwest and can often be found playing classic rock covers with his band Knucklehead.

Artist Formerly of Burning Sensations
Tim McGovern

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